"Rockabilly Invasion!" is festival for people who love rockabilly style and music,
whitch roots are back in 50`es.
You are able to listen music samples of the Rockabilly Invasion!
festival performers from past, present and future on our Jukebox.




Rockabilly Invasion! DVD available on 15th of January in Estonia. And soon after in Finland.
Price: 145 EEK in Estonia and 9 EUR in Finland.

Spellbound (Ireland)

The Meantraitors (Russia/Germany)



Three Elvis Tour
"The whole scale of Elvis Presley from the -50's till nowadays"

Anders Karlstedt (Sweden)
Aron (Finland)
Ivars Petersons (Latvia)
feat. Boogie Company (Estonia)



20th Flight Rockers (Finland)

The Rumble Beat (Estonia)

Between band sets played music DJ Kõiv (Estonia)




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